Tobacco Security Doors

Tobacco Merchandising Security Doors

Harbor Industries understands the need for tobacco merchandisers with locking doors to improve to reduce your losses to employee and customer theft of your tobacco products without jeopardizing store appearance. FlexFrame 2 provides security door features ensuring a secure and stable tobacco merchandising system.

security doors for cigarette displaySecurity doors are designed with all welded steel framework and full length hinges for maximum durability. The clear impact resistant panels have been tested to withstand the most abusive environment and remain aesthetically pleasing. Each fixture’s doors are fully assembled and install easily in minutes with a minimum of fasteners.

Rigorous testing has proven they will withstand hundreds of thousands of cycles in a busy environment.

From tobacco racks with locking security doors to standard cigarette displays we have the Tobacco Merchandising System to meet your needs.

Adjustable Shelving Options for Tobacco Merchandising

Looking for adjustable shelving options for tobacco merchandising?

FlexFrame2 provides easily installed and fully adjustable shelving kits to fit the needs of tobacco trends.  The cigarette display system features fixed column cigarette pack pusher trays for standard pack cigarettes with option accessories including adjustable divider pusher Kits & Add-ons for other tobacco products.

The adjustable width pusher kit is a multipurpose spring load tray designed to handle products that are larger and wider than regular cigarette packs.

The narrow width pusher kit is a multipurpose spring load tray designed to handle products that are smaller and narrower than regular cigarette packs.

Parts from the adjustable and narrow width kits are interchangeable and can be combined as needed.

Our pusher shelves and trays are interchangeable and shelf treatment options are available to be ordered to your specification. The FlexFrame 2 is a complete tobacco merchandising center promoting cigarettes, cigars, smokeless tobacco, e-cigarettes, vapors, chewing tobacco and more!

Adjustable Width Pusher Kit

Adjustable Tray Double  Adjustable Pusher Tray

Adjustable Width Pusher Kit & Add-on
Narrow Width Pusher Kit & Add-on

  • Adjustable Width
  • Injection molded plastic
  • Shatter proof
  • Spring loaded product pusher
  • Up to 4′ wide

Check out our Video to see the Adjustable Pusher Kit in action:


Vapor Store Display

FlexFrame 2 is Easy to Install

FlexFrame 2 is a top quality, stylish, and easy to install cigarette rack and tobacco display system.

If you are looking for a customizable cigarette displays with ease of use then you’ve come to the right place. From tobacco racks with locking security doors and adjustable shelving to standard cigarette displays we have the tobacco merchandising solution to meet your needs.  Harbor Industries offers several different shelf treatment options for the Flex Frame 2 Fixture that will address all your tobacco shelving needs for cigarettes, cigars, smokeless, e-cigs and vapor products.


FlexFrame 2 meets the needs of gas stations, single c-store operators, as well as large national chains.

Whether you are a large national chain or a single c-store operator we offer a range of custom, made-to-order and made-to-stock merchandisers.

Cigarette Displays by Harbor Industries

  • Fully Assembled Tobacco Fixtures
  • Tobacco Racks with shelving and pushers pre-installed
  • Cigarette Cases with Security Doors
  • Cigarette Displays with Storage Doors
  • Tobacco Rack for Smokeless Tobacco
  • Tobacco Display for Bulk Cartons
  • Freestanding Tobacco Merchandisers
  • Metal Cigarette Display with Pushers
  • Tobacco Header Signage Options
  • Black or Silver Cigarette Displays
  • Under Counter Tobacco System
  • Overhead Pack Merchandising
  • Overhead Tobacco Racks

Harbor Industries can manage complex installations, nationwide, by experienced professionals.