Header Graphic Holder Solutions

tobacco fixture headerThe graphic holders are designed for easy tool-less installation and low cost future configuration changes as needed.  Graphics can be changed in seconds without removing the graphic holders, and are sized to match industry standard graphics.

Retailers can easily maximize their potential to showcase the most profitable merchandise to improve the bottom line.

Flat (Enhanced) Headers - 1', 2', 3' & 4'

Curved (Convex) Headers - 1', 2', & 3'

Back-lit injection molded plastic headers that snap onto the fixture with easy change graphics.  The Independent Header System features tool-less installation, and is easy to configure.  Interchange curved and flat headers to create a custom look for your display.

Industry Standard Graphic Sizes

Type of Header Graphic Size
1′ Flat (Enhanced) Sign 10.438 X 8.375″
2′ Flat (Enhanced) Sign 22.375″ X 8.375″
3′ Flat (Enhanced) Sign 33.750″ X 8.375″
4′ Flat (Enhanced) Sign 45.437″ X 8.375″
2′ Curved (Convex) Sign 33.750″ X 8.375″
3′ Curved (Convex) Sign 10.437″ X 8.375″
4′ Curved (Convex) Sign 45.750″ X 8.375″

Harbor Industries can manage complex installations, nationwide, by experienced professionals.