End Panels for Tobacco Fixture

Low Profile and Standard Height End Panels

End panels are required at the end of each fixture run. It is not necessary to have panels installed at the end of each interior fixture. They are available for low profile and standard profile FlexFrame 2 units.

They are designed to compliment the fixtures and enhance the look and functionality of the entire set.


End Panels Detail View

Silver End Panel

Black End Panel


black_Swatch silver_swatch
End panels are available in silver and black.

Does your tobacco category change year after year?  Of course it does!  Our Flex Frame 2 system is designed to change with you.  New products, category growth/reduction, and complete look reconfigurations are possible with low cost, easy to install headers, trays, and signs.

More Harbor Industries tobacco fixtures are in stores than any other tobacco fixtures.  Harbor Industries can manage complex installations, nationwide, by experienced professionals.