FlexFrame 2 Tobacco Retailing Solution – Optional Accessories

E-Cigarette Merchandising

FlexFrame2 Storage Doors

Flex Frame 2 Storage Doors are designed for maximum durability. The same rigorous testing used on Security Doors is also applied to our Storage Doors. They arrive fully assembled and attach to the fixture quickly and with minimal effort. The Storage Door option allows the convenience of having product inventory neatly housed within the fixture and out of view.

Flex Frame 2 Storage Doors

FlexFrame 2 Security Doors

3' security doors

Security doors are designed with all welded steel framework and full length hinges for maximum durability. Each fixture’s doors are fully assembled and install in minutes with a minimum of fasteners. Rigorous testing has proven they will withstand hundreds of thousands of cycles in a busy environment.

Tobacco Merchandiser Security Doors

FlexFrame 2 Storage Drawers

Our storage drawer option is a clean and convenient storage option. This well engineered drawer features heavy duty, full extension drawer slides that handle loads of up to 55lbs. The drawer depth is designed specifically to hold cartons standing on end, for maximum storage. This feature can be added to any of our 2’, 3’, or 4’ units.

drawers_1    drawers_2


Please call for pricing and size options, 1.800.968.6991

FlexFrame Shelf Treatments

Tobacco Shelf Treatments

All of our pushers are made from shatter proof plastic and engineered for durability. Independent lab testing has proven they will last for hundreds of thousands of cycles.  We have trays and pushers that have been in use for decades and still function like new.

Smokeless Spring Tray   SMOKELESS SPRING TRAY-black

With our fixtures, convenience stores can increase sales with eye-catching displays that organize and improve product visibility. Our flexible display fixtures are specially designed to merchandise all types of tobacco products. Retailers can easily maximize their potential to showcase the most profitable merchandise to improve the bottom line.