Shelf  Treatment Options for All Tobacco – Cigarettes, Smokeless, Cigars & E-Cigarettes

Harbor Industries offers several different shelf treatment options for the Flex Frame 2 Fixture that will address all your shelving needs.  Pusher Trays are available  for all tobacco products and in several sizes.  Design the look you want and what works best for you.

One foot width Shelf Design provides continuous look, adjusts every 1/2″ vertically, and is durability tested.  Injection molded, shatterproof clear trays with spring loaded product pushers.  Sign Channels are 1  1/4″ tall.  Trays pull our for easy restocking and product rotation.  Conforms to FDA Standards.

Cigarette Shelf Treatment Solutions

Cigar Shelf Treatment Solutions

Electronic Cigarettes E-Cigarette Shelf Solutions

Smokeless Shelf Treatment Solutions

Pusher Trays are available for cigarettes, smokeless, cigars, and e-cigarette products.  Please browse through the various selections for all tobacco solutions.

With tobacco fixtures by Harbor Industries, convenience stores can increase sales with eye-catching displays that organize and improve product visibility. Our flexible display fixtures are specially designed to merchandise all types of tobacco products. Retailers can easily maximize their potential to showcase the most profitable merchandise to improve the bottom line.

Harbor Industries can manage complex installations, nationwide, by experienced professionals.