Vapor Category Merchandising Solutions

Vapor Category Merchandising Solutions

Vapor category sales are gaining momentum at an impressive rate.  Harbor Industries consistently evaluates new tobacco trends and evaluates ever changing consumer wants and needs.  We provide tobacco display solutions that cater to the evolving trends in tobacco merchandising.

vapormerchandisingVapor Merchandising Options

The FlexFrame 2 System offers injection molded, shatterproof clear trays with spring loaded product pushers.  Sign channels are 1-1/4” tall.

Providing solutions to fit tobacco products of all sizes

All tobacco products are not created equal! FlexFrame 2 Tobacco Racks are specially designed to merchandise all tobacco. Our trays are designed to handle products that are larger and wider than regular cigarette packs, creating the ideal solution for merchandising vapor products.

Standard size cigarette packs fit within our Standard Cigarette Pusher Trays.

Packs that are wider than cigarette packs will fit within our Adjustable Width Pusher Kits.


vaporstoredisplayEase in Vapor Restocking & Product Rotation

FlexFrame 2 trays pull out for ease in restocking & product rotation.

Retailers can easily maximize their potential to showcase the most profitable merchandise.

Flex Frame 2 is the most flexible retail experience system on the market… Customize it to fit your merchandising needs.

black_Swatch silver_swatch
Available in Black and Silver.