Under Counter Tobacco Solutions

Under Counter Tobacco Merchandiser

Maximize use of your retail space with Harbor Industries Under Counter Tobacco Merchandiser.  All shelves and pushers for our Under Counter Tobacco Merchandisers are the same as what is used on the Infinity fixtures.

Under Counter Merchandiser

Inside/Outside Width 24.000″
Inside Depth 12.500″
Outside Depth 15.250″
Inside Height 23.625″
Cigarette Facings 36
Capacity 396
Shipping Unit Weight 50 Lbs
*plus applicable tax and freight

All shelves and accessories for The Infinity Fixture can be used on Harbor’s Under Counter Tobacco display. Pusher Trays are available for cigarettes, smokeless, cigars, and Vape products. Please browse through the various selections for all tobacco display solutions.

Pusher Trays are available for cigarettes, smokeless, cigars, and e-cigarette , and vapor products.  Please browse through the various selections available for all tobacco solutions.