As expressed by our satisfied customers, Harbor Industries provides the Highest Quality Fixture on the Market… for the Lowest Cost.

The installation of our new Harbor Industries tobacco fixtures has had a huge impact on our company.  The focus on the tobacco category is rejuvenated and the new fixtures have allowed us to expand growing segments.   We are consistently recognized by our manufacturers as being the best in class as well as having the best platform to grow our business.  The fixtures are crisp and clean, organized, and versatile and offer the best tobacco merchandising solutions available.  And, the Harbor Industries personnel have been excellent to work with.
~ Carolyn Kozak, Manager, Express Mart


I am respectfully writing to you about my new tobacco merchandising rack.  While I was hesitant to spend the money on it, I will never regret a penny.  It has enhanced the appearance of my store; it has consolidated all of the tobacco so that it is not a rack here, there and everywhere.

My customers have all commented on how great it looks, how sleek and attractive it is and how much light is now let in through the East window. My employees love it and find it so much easier to use.

I recommend this to any retail outlet that wants a professional look to their business and can only write that once it is installed you will wonder why you did business so long without it.
~ Joe Nicosiasubtitle, Owner, Joeys Northside Grocery


“Category management of the cigarette and OTP categories not only involves pricing strategies, SKU rationalization, and proper inventory levels. It also calls for the right merchandising of the categories and fixtures from Harbor Industries help us to achieve that look. With both standard height and backbar fixtures they meet all my different needs. With fixtures designed using 1 foot increments it allows me the flexibility to be able to make changes to the categories that are simple and easy. With a courteous and knowledgeable staff ordering of the fixtures is a stress free experience. I would recommend fixtures from Harbor Industries to any retailer that wants to give their tobacco categories the clean and well organized appearance that attracts the customers attention and helps to increase sales.”

Mark McCarty
Category Manager
Clark’s Pump-n-Shop Inc.

“There are other tobacco fixture companies out there but Harbor Industry is the only one that gives us the flexibility to meet the ever changing needs of the c-store industry with their one foot incremental fixtures, merchandisers and  ½ inch vertical shelf adjustments. This fixture not only is practical but also very sleek and has given Johnny’s Markets a consistent, sharp look throughout our stores. If you ever need parts to enhance your fixture or make changes the ordering process is easy and quick. I would recommend the FlexFrame fixture to any c-store retailer who wants to give the best presentation and have the most flexible merchandising elements to grow sales in the tobacco segment.”


Mike LaBerteaux
Merchandising Manager

“Working with Harbor was painless.  Our representative walked us through the entire process on how to build our sets based on the needs we told her we were looking for.  Once the fixtures were shipped, they were extremely easy to build and set.  They are sharp looking and sturdy and since they are customizable, we can fit more within the space. I loved working with this company!”

Monica Bradford
Marketing Manager